A perfect day at the beach is spent at Cabana Beach!

With you in mind, Cabana Beach offers options to accommodate everyone. Enjoy your day in between palm trees, on a bed of your choice, in the sun or shade, close or further away from the sea. With different types of sunbeds, you choose the degree of luxury that you prefer.


Cabana Classic Bed  |  Naf 7,50  |  USD 5,00
Cabana Deluxe Bed  |  Naf 15,00  |  USD 9,00


Cabana VIP 1st row  |  Naf 100,00 | USD 58,00  |  Including: water, fruit platter & glass of mimosa
Cabana VIP 2nd row and further  |  Naf 50,00 | USD 29,00  |  Including: water & fruit platter
Cabana VIP Deck  |  Naf 150,00 | USD 86,00 |  Including: water, fruit platter & glass of mimosa

*Beach towels can be rented for Naf 5,00  |  USD 3,00
*VIP prices are for 2 persons